Illustrator and Merch Designer!

Hi there!! My name is Laine and I'm a 21 yo merch artist and illustrator :) All of my relevant social media links can be found here :) As well as a FAQ and about below!


Get to Know Me!

Quick Stuff:

Pronouns: They/SheIdentity: Queer and Non-binaryNeurodivergentAge: 21Birthday: March 20thZodiac Signs: Pisces Sun, Libra Moon, Cancer RisingWhiteI'm from North Carolina in the US, but I currently live in Indiana for college!~(First gen) College Senior/Animation major


General Nostalgia: Barbie movies, Blues Clues, Littlest Pet Shops, Warrior cats, Pajama Sam 3, Bookworm Adventures, Winx Club, Anastasia, Mermaid Melody, H2O
Games: Stardew Valley, the Sims 4, Undertale, Neopets, TOONTOWNMovies/Shows: The Little Mermaid, Frozen (esp. 2), Pixie Hollow, Wandavision, Brokeback Mountain, ATLA/LOKMusicals: Phantom of the Opera, Waitress, Heathers, the Last Five Years, War Paint, Frozen, Anastasia, the Prom, Dog Fight, Legally BlondeYoutubers: GMM, the Try Guys, Jenna Marbles, Danny Gonzales, Brutalmoose, Cody Ko, Drew Gooden, Lilsimsie, Markiplier, Quinton Reviews, Safiya Nygaard- also all of the art studio vloggers!
Aesthetics: Cottagecore, kidcore, cleancore, grandmacore, nostagliacore, 90s/Y2K
General: Pink, glitter, sweets, candy, desserts, flowers, spring, anything nostalgic, strawberries

Other Fun Facts

I can't swimI taught myself to play flute and joined my high school band sophomore year! I was actually good at it (2nd chair all county my Senior year) and it is my second love :)I'm 5'4.5I can't drive and would rather eat my hands than even try~I hate: math, cars, cigarettes, summer/heat, college


What do you use to draw?
- I use Procreate on the iPad pro!
What brush do you use?
- I use Dina Norlund's HB Pencil more than anything
Are your commissions open?
- Yep! You can find them on my Ko-fi linked above!
Can I get a tattoo of your art?
- Sure! I have a tattoo ticket in my Ko-fi shop!
Can I use your art as an icon?
- Yeah! Just don't use any commissioned pieces (they'll say if they are), and be sure to credit me in your bio! :)